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Van Buren Public Transit

Major Public Transit Agency

County: Van Buren County

Phone 269-427-7921
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Van Buren Public Transit
610 David Walton Drive
Bangor, MI 49013

Veteran’s Ride Scheduling: 269-302-0237
Fax: 269-427-5062

Michigan Universal Reduced Fare Card Participant?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

VBPT provides out-of-county trips for medical/legal purposes only.

  • Full fare $20.00
  • Half fare Riders* $10.00.

Trip fare prices are one way. Round trip fares include ½ hour waiting time. Excess will be charged @ $45.00 per hour in 10 min increments (Full fare wait charge per 10 min = $7.50) (Half fare customers $3.75 per 10 minutes)

Other/Alternative Transportation Services

Veteran Shuttle: Free rides to the Battle Creek VA.

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List of Van Buren Public Transit Services

Demand Response
VBPT County-Wide Reservation Service
County: Van Buren County
Demand Response
VBPT Demand Response Dial-A-Ride Service
County: Van Buren County
Flexible Route
VBPT Flex Routes Service
County: Van Buren County

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