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COVID-19 Vaccines won't change my DNA


COVID-19 vaccine don't change your DNA. COVID-19 messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines deliver instructions to cells in our body. These instructions help to make a protein that fights COVID-19. The mRNA never enters the cell's nucleus, where our DNA is kept.

COVID-19 Vaccines were made too fast.


Scientists developed the COVID-19 vaccines quickly because of government funding for vaccine research. Also, scientists from all around the world worked together to make the COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccines don't cause infertility or fertility issues in women or men.


COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant, or might become pregnant in the future. In fact, pregnant women who get vaccinated pass protection to their baby.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine gives you COVID-19.


None of the COVID-19 vaccines can give you COVID-19. The vaccines don't contain the live virus that causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccines don't contain microchips.


COVID-19 vaccines don't contain microchips. Vaccines don't track your movement.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) technology used to make the COVID-19 vaccine is new and unsafe.


Scientists have been studying and working with the mRNA vaccines for decades. As a result, mRNA vaccines are safe and effective.

COVID-19 vaccines don't cause you to be magnetic.


COVID-19 Vaccines are free from metals and will not cause you to be magnetic.

COVID-19 vaccines don't work because you can still get COVID-19 after being vaccinated.


While you can still get COVID-19 when you're vaccinated, a vaccine makes you much less likely to get COVID-19, develop severe illness, go to the hospital, or die.

COVID-19 vaccines don't cause variants.


COVID-19 vaccines don't cause variants. New variants come from changes of the COVID-19 virus.

I follow all the advised precautions, like social-distancing, wearing a mask, and washing my hands. I don't need to be vaccinated


Evidence shows that unvaccinated people who get COVID-19 are ten times more likely to be hospitalized and die. Even if you follow all the precautions, it doesn't replace the protection you will get from the vaccine.

I can mix and match my COVID-19 vaccine and booster.


You can get a different booster than your initial COVID-19 vaccine. For example, you can get a Pfizer booster after getting a Moderna vaccine. You can also get a Moderna booster after getting a Pfizer vaccine.

I am young and healthy; I don't need the COVID-19 vaccine.


You should get the COVID-19 vaccine if you are young and healthy. The effects of COVID-19 are unpredictable. Not getting the vaccine puts you at a much higher risk of getting severe COVID-19. Even if you don't get sick, you can pass it along to someone who is not young and healthy.

COVID-19 Vaccines don't contain aborted fetal cells.


None of the COVID-19 vaccines themselves have aborted fetal cells.

Information about COVID-19 is unclear and is always changing.


Public health workers and scientists continue to learn about how this virus spreads. It will take time to understand how it affects different people and how best to control it. Public health workers will share COVID-19 information that is accurate and true as scientists continue to learn more.

All COVID-19 vaccines cause blood clots.


Recent data shows a very small but increased risk of a rare blood clot disorder for people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Covid-19 and Your Rights


COVID-19 has raised a host of challenging questions, including questions about your rights. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the law. (The following is not intended to be legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship.)

Learn More About the Covid-19 Vaccines

How the Vaccine Works

Learn more about the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

  • What is Covid-19 virus?
  • What is mRNA
  • What is in the vaccine?
  • How does the vaccine work?

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Avoid Vaccine Scams

Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Be aware of some potential scams.
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Information for Pregnant Women and Parents

Resources from the West Michigan Perinatal Quality Collaborative, launched by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, for pregnant women and parents.
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