Case Status:

The parties are still litigating the case.

Case filed (started): April 2016

Main Concern

That people in Washtenaw County trying to hire Communtiy Living Supports (CLS) staff have the money in their budgets to hire those staff, participate in community life, and get services in the least restrictive setting.


CLS is a medically necessary service meant to help a person participate in the community and keep their independence. Self-determination (SD) is a system where the person getting the CLS chooses and hires the staff to provide the CLS. This lawsuit claims that in 2015, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health (WCCMH) reduced the amount SD CLS recipients had in their budgets to hire those staff and participate in community life. Now, people in Washtenaw County who need CLS workers to live and maintain their independence cannot hire staff or get into the community.


Plaintiffs continue to litigate the case, seeking adequate funding to find, hire, and retain appropriate CLS staff and participate in community life.

Case name: Waskul et al v. Washtenaw County Community Mental Health et al

Plaintiffs: Derek Waskul, Cory Schneider, Kevin Wiesner, Hannah Ernst, Washtenaw Association for Community Advocacy

Defendants: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, and various individuals associated with those organizations.

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