• Appeal

    Asking a higher court to review a decision by a judge (in a lower court) because you believe the judge made a mistake.

  • Civil Case

    A case claiming the defendant was wrong. Defendant is asked to change their actions and/or pay the plaintiff money. *DRM only represents in Civil Cases.

  • Complaint

    It outlines why the plaintiff believes the defendant wronged them.

  • Criminal Case

    A crime against society. If found guilty, you pay your debt to society (jail sentence). *DRM does not represent in Criminal Cases.

  • Defendant

    A person, business or organization who has the case brought against them in a court of law.

  • Discovery

    Plaintiffs and Defendants exchange evidence, ask for certain documents, interview witnesses, etc.

  • Dismissal

    A case is dismissed by the court system. The judge determines the case will not continue.

  • DRM Legal Representation

    DRM has the authority to pursue legal solutions to protect the rights of people with disabilities.

  • Interim

    An agreement is used until a formal decision or permanent process is finalized.

  • Legal Impact

    We select cases that meet our priorities and, when possible, have the potential to impact the entire state of MI.

  • Moot

    Where the plaintiff has received the relief sought and therefore could receive nothing further through litigation.

  • Motion

    A motion is a written request or proposal to the court to get an asked-for order, ruling, or direction.

  • Plaintiff

    A person (or group of people) who brings a claim(s) against another in a court of law.

  • Settlement

    When the Plaintiff and Defendant put an end to their differences without having a trial.

  • Timeline

    Cases can take anywhere from weeks to years to resolve, depending on where the case is filed, the legal issue(s), the defendants, and the court.

  • Verdict

    The decision, opinion, or conclusion by a judge on an issue brought before them in a case.

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