Part of DRM’s advocacy mission is to support the right of people with disabilities to vote. DRM protects voting rights through:


  • Voting 101 – outreach to people with disabilities on voting rights and becoming informed on voting issues.
  • High School/Transition – students who reach the age of voting eligibility.
  • Election Clerks – outreach event with poll workers on sensitivity training and the rights of individuals with disabilities.
  • Voter Engagement – co-sponsorship of nonpartisan candidate forums to help connect voters with disabilities directly to candidates.


  • Individual advocacy to help people with disabilities gain access to polling places and vote privately and independently.
  • Information and assistance for people with disabilities who want to register to vote.
  • Media and social media posting on voting rights.
  • Policy education and public policy advocacy to support access to voting, both at home and at the polls.


  • Partnerships with voting rights advocates and state officials in implementing changes in voter protections.
  • Partnerships with other P&A agencies in development of informational voting series.

How Can DRM Help?

We want to hear about your voting experience. If you are denied a ballot, are unable to cast your vote privately and independently, or witness a questionable incident, please call DRM at 1.800.288.5923.

Voting Resources

For additional information about voting, please visit Voting Rights on our Resources page.

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