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Fixed Route

SMART Fixed Route Service

Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART)
Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary by route. You can visit SMART Route Schedules page to select your route and see it’s schedule. You can also use the Trip Planner to find out which routes to take at the times you wish to travel.

Method/Rules for Scheduling a Ride

Fixed route services run on a set schedule. Rides do not need to be scheduled in advance.

However, if using SMART paratransit / ADA Service, passengers are permitted to reserve a trip up to 14 days in advance of the trip date.  SMART will accept any trip request if made before 4 p.m. the previous day, but the sooner you call, the better time you will receive.  Same-day trip requests will not be accepted.  You may reserve your SMART ADA trip by calling 866-962-5515. First press 1, then 2 for ADA, then 1 to schedule.  For passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing, call the relay service toll-free by dialing either 711 or 1-800-649-3777.  You may also email your ride request to:

For more information about ADA rider guidelines, click here.

More Important Details

Operating Area

SMART operates fixed route services in locations throughout Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties. To see which cities and townships have a SMART fixed route, visit SMART Services By Community page and click on the community you wish to travel in. You can also use SMART’s Trip Planner to find your routes by your origin and destination addresses.

If you know the route number you wish to use, you can also go to SMART View Routes page to click on the route and see it on a map.


Standard Fare

Ages 19 – 64: $2.00

Multi-day / ride passes are also available. Click here for more information.

Reduced Fare


Available for:

  • Youth (ages 6 – 18)
  • Older Adults (ages 65+)
  • People with Disabilities

Multi-day / ride passes are also available. Click here for more information.

Accessibility & Eligibility

Paratransit/Reduced Fare Eligibility

People who are unable to use fixed route service due to a disability may use SMART paratransit, or ADA Service. For more information about ADA Service, please visit

Youth, older adults, and people with disabilities are eligible to receive reduced fare. To receive a SMART Reduced Fare ID card, download and fill out an application, and mail back to SMART. You automatically qualify for a Reduced Fare ID Card for Fixed Route buses if you possess one of the following:
1) Medicare Card,
2) Social Security Disability Determination,
3) Veterans Health ID card indicating a Service Connected Disability
4) State of Michigan ID identifying applicant as Legally Blind

Click here for the SMART Disability Reduced Fare Application
Click here for the SMART Youth/Older Adult ID Reduced Fare Application

Transit Service Accessibility

All Fixed Route SMART buses are wheelchair accessible and equipped with bike racks. For people unable to use fixed route service, SMART paratransit / ADA service is available.

Additional Notes

In addition to fixed route and paratransit service, SMART operates an advance reservation, curb-to-curb, service called SMART Connector, as well as a demand response micro transit service called SMART Flex. Keep in mind that the areas of operation for these services vary.

Provider Information

Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART)

Major Public Transit Agency

Counties: Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County

Email N/A
Phone 866-962-5515
Website Visit Web Link
Additional Contact Information
Customer Care Department: 866-962-5515
Adminstrative Offices: 313-223-2100
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