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Battle Creek Transit (BCT) Tele-Transit

Battle Creek Transit (BCT)
Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 5:15 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Method/Rules for Scheduling a Ride

BCT Tele-Transit is a limited, “space available” service. 24-hour advanced notice is recommended to schedule rides. Call BCT dispatch at 269-966-3474 to schedule rides.

More Important Details

Operating Area

Battle Creek area – City of Battle Creek, City of Springfield, and limited portions of Bedford, Emmett, and Pennfield Townships. Service Area map can be found at the link below on the right side of the page:



Standard Fare

Not a senior or person with a certified disability: $7.00

Reduced Fare

Seniors (60+), people who have a Medicare card, people with a disability (with certification): $3.00

Accessibility & Eligibility

Paratransit/Reduced Fare Eligibility

BCT Tele-Transit service is door-to-door public transportation for Battle Creek area residents.  While available to anyone, the service is primarily for ADA certified customers.  Limited service on a “space available” basis is also available to the general public.

To qualify for the reduced rate you must either have picture ID show you to be 60 years of age or older, have a Medicare card (red, white, blue card) or a Battle Creek Transit ID card. To qualify for a Battle Creek Transit ID card, you must complete the reduced fare eligibility certification form. If you qualify, the cost of obtaining a BCT identification card is $2. You can view/print the reduced fare application by clicking the link below or contact BCT to obtain a copy of the form at 269-966-3474.

BCT Reduced Fare Eligibility Certification Form

Transit Service Accessibility

BCT Tele-Transit is a demand response service that is door-to-door. Lift/ramp equipped vehicles are available and service is accessible to riders with disabilities as well as being open to the general public (at a higher fare rate than seniors and those with certified disabilities).

Additional Notes

Though BCT Tele-Transit is open to the general public, it is meant primarily for those unable to use the fixed route system. Seniors and people with disabilities are prioritized.

Provider Information

Battle Creek Transit (BCT)

Major Public Transit Agency

County: Calhoun County

Email N/A
Phone 269-966-3311
Website Visit Web Link
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