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Antrim County Transportation

Major Public Transit Agency

County: Antrim County

Phone 231-533-8644 or 231-590-0024
Website Visit Web Link
Additional Contact Information
Al Meacham, Director
4700 S M-88 Hwy
PO Box 120
Bellaire, MI 49615

Michigan Universal Reduced Fare Card Participant?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

This public transportation agency does not provide non-emergency medical transportation. If you have Medicaid, you are eligible to receive non-emergency medical transportation for your medical appointments.

Call the number on the back of your Medicaid HMO card for information on how to get transportation to your appointment.

If you have straight Medicaid, you can call the Community Resource staff person at your county’s Department of Health & Human Services Offices to find out about how to get non-emergency medical transportation.

If you are denied help or unable to speak to someone about how to get NEMT, call DRM for advocacy assistance at 1-800-288-5923

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Antrim County Transportation
County: Antrim County

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