Summary of Board of Directors’ Responsibilities:

Basic Responsibilities
Determine the mission and purpose of the organization,
Select, support, and evaluate the CEO,
Participate in planning and monitoring focus areas and goals,
Ensure adequate financial resources and provide financial oversight,
Build a competent board,
Enhance the agency’s public image and standing in the community.

Legal Responsibilities
Duty of care – exercise reasonable care when making a decision as a steward of the organization.
Duty of loyalty – act in the best interest of the organization without personal gain.
Duty of obedience – be faithful to the mission, obey the law and the organizations rules and regulations.

Please evaluate the performance of the Board’s efforts, effectiveness, and results in each of the categories listed. Select the rating which best describes the Board’s performance using the scale below. Please provide comments or information you believe would assist in understanding a particular rating.

5 = Strongly agree
4 = Agree
3 = Neutral
2 = Disagree
1 = Strongly disagree

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