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    1. I continue to support our mission, purpose, and leadership.

    2. I understand board membership requires the equivalent of 10 days per year of my time, including preparation and meetings. I am able to give that time during the twelve months ahead and expect to attend all board and committee meetings unless I give the chairman advance notice of my need to be absent for good cause.

    3. I intend to contribute financially to our organization during the year and will help open doors to friends who may be interested in contributing.

    4. I have reviewed, signed, and intend to comply with our board Conflict of Interest policy. I am attaching information on any potential conflict of interest that has not been previously disclosed to the secretary of the board.

    5. I will participate in the annual self-evaluation of board structure and process and in board development activities.

    6. If anything should occur during the year which would not allow me to keep these intentions of being a positive contributor to our board, I will take the initiative to talk to the officers about a voluntary resignation to allow another to serve who is able to meet these common expectations of all board members.

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